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– a personal, eclectic and hopefully entertaining view of the world. I write poetry. I have strong opinions on a range of issues which I like to write and blog about. I love Nature and particularly woodland, and I take photographs. I write about ‘extra-ordinary’ people who inspire me, and hopefully others. If you want to keep up with any new postings on the site sign up for the RSS feed at the bottom right of the page.

Today we are faced by some enormous problems on Planet Earth. You’d have to be a fool or a paid ‘contrarian’ to believe that nothing is happening with our climate system, our forests and our seas. There is degradation going on around us at an incredible pace. Lives in our crowded cities and spaces are more intense and increasingly difficult to cope with. And yet…… solutions to every one of our problems already exist. Whether these are food, energy and CO2, population growth and pollution in the oceans, creative and pragmatic blueprints and working solutions are all out there. The political will to implement these and introduce them at the pace now needed is however lacking. That inertia, the politics behind it, and our own lack of will to make the big changes necessary are issues I will be writing about.

Away from the macro issues and big politics, a lot of change is in the air. The credit crunch has led to massive cuts in public spending and the huge job losses that will rapidly follow that. ‘Jobs for life’ may be a rapidly declining possibility for many. ‘Pensions - what pensions?’ How to cope on a personal level in a time of such financial uncertainty is tricky – especially with big debts and mortgages. This tends to throw up non-material issues – relationships, parenting, creativety, honesty between partners, family and friends.  Are our identities purely bound up in the work we do? As a result, if we have to face the more philosophical questions today – why are we here?; what is my purpose?. In my view this is a good thing.

The seemingly intractible geopolitical issues and trends have led to a huge growth in ‘local’ solutions, whether these be local currencies, local energy and food solutions, or local transport initiatives. I happen to live in Lewes, one of the initial ‘Transition Towns’. A lot of new ideas are being tried out here and I’ll be writing about some of these. Check out my Links section to have a look at some interesting web sites.

I was encouraged by friends to start this web site when I started reading some of my poems  live in public in 2009. A lot of people are going through big changes right now and it seems to be helpful to other people to have some insights to share about these changes. Have you got something to say? Does it need to be shared? Feedback from the heart always received with gratitude. Frustrated rants I’m less interested in.

Thanks for looking – time is our most precious commodity right now so I appreciate you stopping by.